Your Hand Sanitiser Guide

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What are the benefits of hand sanitiser?

One of the surest ways to manage the spread of bacteria and viruses is to regularly and thoroughly wash your hands. 

But when washing isn’t possible, hand sanitiser is a convenient way to clean hands on-the-go. Its ability to quickly kill germs and bacteria with minimum fuss has made it a leaving-home essential in the same way as door keys and mobile phones. 

The most robust hand sanitisers are made from at least 60 per cent alcohol, either isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol, ethanol, n-propanol or a combination. The alcohol breaks down the proteins that protect germs and viruses, disrupting their metabolism and killing them. 

Zidec Antibacterial Hand Gel is formulated with 70% alcohol ethanol making it one the most effective hand sanitisers available. 

And the new hospital-grade gel and surface cleaner has been developed by experts with 78.2% alcohol to kill 99.99% of bacteria and viruses – more than any other comparable hand sanitiser. 

When should I use hand sanitiser?

Hand sanitiser will keep hands free of most bacteria and germs. However there are some situations when soap and water is the best way to keep hands clean. 

Hand sanitiser will not clean visibly dirty or greasy hands – for example, after gardening, handling oily foods, or DIY. In those instances, wash your hands with soap and water for at least 30 seconds.

Likewise, if you work with chemicals you should always wash with soap and water.

However, hand sanitiser is ideal for situations where hand washing isn’t an option – getting on and off public transport, around the office, in playgrounds and in shops. 

How should I use hand sanitiser?

Hand sanitisers are safe for the whole family, but always supervise young children and be careful to store sanitiser in a safe place. If ingested, it can be extremely poisonous due to the high alcohol content. 

Using hand sanitiser is simple. Apply a sufficient amount to the palm of one hand, then spread and rub over both sides of hands until hands are dry. Don’t be tempted to rinse or wipe away excess as this can reduce effectiveness. 

Hand sanitiser is safe to use regularly, but overuse may cause dry hands because of the alcohol content. Zidac Antibacterial Hand Gel has been formulated with aloe vera to help soothe and prevent dryness.