How to introduce hand sanitiser use to children

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Since schools and nurseries have gone back, it is more important than ever to ensure that children are staying safe and maintaining good hand hygiene. With viruses easily spread throughout schools, in particular the risk of COVID-19, teaching them how to keep clean and bacteria free is vital.

While it is important to educate on hand washing for kids, there are other practises that can ensure your child is effectively and quickly protected.

Hand sanitiser is a great way to help kids stay safe and it can be a lot more effective at killing bacteria than other methods such as baby wipes, which are also bad for the environment. Hand sanitiser is the perfect on the go solution as you can keep it in your bag or pocket, the Zidac 100ml bottle is perfect for this.

Not only is hand sanitiser convenient it is also effective at killing bacteria, reducing the risk of your child picking up infections. A good formula will kill up to 99.9% of bacteria as long as it contains at least 70% alcohol.

Hand sanitiser for kids – integrate it into their lifestyle

Lots of children are taught about the importance of hand washing at school or nursery, which will help them to understand the reasons for good hygiene.

To take this further make sanitising part of your child’s routine, using hand sanitiser if they are playing outdoors, go into a shop and before and after eating out. While it should not replace hand washing, it is a great addition to your child’s hygiene practises.

It is also important that your child sees you sanitising your hands regularly as well, this will help them to get into good behavioural patterns. As well, it is good to demonstrate to children how to sanitise so that you cover all of your hands, including the backs of hands, thumbs and wrists, just like hand washing.

You can also give them their own sanitiser bottle to look after, you could even let them decorate and personalise it with stickers for example. The 50ml bottle is great for this and is easier for smaller hands to squeeze out sanitiser.

Which sanitiser is best for kids?

Try and find a sanitiser that is the right viscosity. If a sanitiser is too liquid, it can slide off small hands and end up being sticky and messy. Zidac sanitisers are a gel form that is easy to squeeze out of tubes and bottles and spread over hands.
Another key factor is to find a caring formula. Children’s skin can be extra sensitive, so find a formula that contains soothing properties like Zidac’s formulas which include Aloe Vera to soothe hands.

Finally, make sure you get a sanitiser in a convenient size for smaller hands. The 50ml Zidac bottle are the perfect fit and will help children take ownership over their hygiene.