How to clean your home office workstation

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Since the start of the pandemic, restrictions to our daily lives have become the norm, with many of us have adjusted to new ways of working.

Following the lockdowns in England and Scotland, figures from January 2021 revealed that the number of people working from home had risen to 34%.

With more and more people now working from home, and our cleaning and hygiene routines becoming vital in keeping ourselves and the ones we love safe, many people will be asking the same question; how do I keep my home workstation clean?

How to clean your desk

Desks can become hotbeds for germs and bacteria, meaning they regularly need to be cleaned with a high-quality surface disinfectant. Firstly, you should remove everything off your desk that may be cluttering it.

Yes, that means everything from your laptop or computer, desk organisers and notepads, through to those empty coffee mugs that have been getting you through the day.

Once the desk is clear, spray the surface with disinfectant, leave it to stand for 5 minutes and then wipe clean with a dry cloth or disposable paper towel.

How to clean your mouse

Most people wouldn’t consider their computer mouse to be a place for germs and bacteria, however, research has shown they are one of the worst offenders.

A study carried out by the University of Arizona discovered that the average mouse is home to an astounding 1,676 microbes per square inch.

To clean your mouse, firstly disconnect it from your computer or laptop, don’t just turn your device off at the plug.

Not only does it make it easier to move around, but it also stops the chance of damage being caused due to small electrical standby currents coming into contact with fluids.

To clean the mouse, put a small amount of disinfectant onto a cloth and gently rub it on, paying particular attention to the left and right buttons that will have collected germs from the fingers.

Make sure to use small amounts of liquid to avoid getting any disinfectant inside the mouse, which may cause damage.

How to clean your keyboard

Computer keyboards can quickly become a hotbed for bacteria, so it’s important that they’re cleaned regularly.

Before attempting to clean your keyboard, make sure it is disconnected from your device or any power sources. Tip your keyboard upside down over a bin to remove any crumbs or debris that will have collected between the keys – you’ll be shocked by how much is hiding in there!

You can also use compressed air canisters to spray pressurised air in between the keys to remove any more crumbs that won’t budge.

Once you’ve done this, spray a small amount of disinfectant onto a cloth, wipe it over the keys and leave it to dry.

How to clean your chair

As obvious as it may sound, how you clean your chair depends on the material it’s made out of.

For any hard surfaces on your chair that are made out of plastic, metal or wood, you can use a multipurpose surface cleaner to kill any germs or bacteria.

For any upholstered or fabric areas, make sure to read your chair’s user manual on the appropriate methods of cleaning.

How to clean your headphones

In a study conducted by Which? 11 pairs of headphones were sent to a lab to be tested for bacteria. Shockingly, all 11 pairs contained bacteria that they were able to grow into cultures in the lab!

Although most of the bacteria they found were harmless, it clearly shows the importance of regularly cleaning your headphones.

As with any electronic items, make sure your headphones are not connected to a power source or device before you clean them.

Use a sparing amount of disinfectant, spray it onto a cloth first, and rub onto any hard exterior surfaces. If the earpads are detachable, you can wash them with warm soapy water, however, always check the user manual before using any products on your headphones.

How regularly should you clean your desk?

New ways of working mean we sit at our home workspaces more than ever. As a result, we are unknowingly spreading germs and bacteria over the surfaces every day.

In an ideal world, you should aim to clean your desk every day using a high-quality disinfectant to wipe down surfaces. Obviously sometimes this may be difficult, however, it’s still important to be aware of surfaces which may become germ hotspots.

By maintaining a regular desk cleaning routine along with using high-quality cleaning products, those of us who are working from home can continue to stay safe and protected from germs, bacteria and viruses.