Germ hotspots

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To avoid the spread of germs and viruses, it’s important to keep our hands clean throughout the day. 

While regular hand washing is key, it’s a good idea to also carry hand sanitiser with you wherever you go. 

Some environments create a higher risk of cross-contamination than others.  

We all have a responsibility to be aware of germ hotspots we may encounter day-to-day. 

These include public shared surfaces such as door handles and stair rails. 

In the office, take extra care using desks, and communal kitchens and seating areas. 

If you’re at the gym, be vigilant around exercise machines, weights and changing room surfaces. 

Card payment machines and self-service till points are also notorious bacteria breeding grounds. 

When you’re at a restaurant, watch out for chairs, table surfaces and shared menus. 

While communal virus-spreading hotspots should be regularly cleaned, we have a duty to protect ourselves and others.  

We can do this by always washing or sanitising our hands after touching surfaces when out and about.