Getting hand sanitiser placement in the workplace right

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With people returning to the office after lockdown, it is important to ensure employees can maintain strict hygiene practices to help prevent spreading germs in the workplace.

While employees should follow government guidance on regular hand washing, hand sanitiser adds an extra layer of protection for those in the office.

Not only does sanitiser protect individuals through its bacteria killing properties, but it serves as a visual reminder to remain vigilant about hygiene in the office and gives colleagues piece of mind during uncertain times.

Where should sanitiser be placed?

Bottles of sanitiser should be placed throughout the office so that employees are able to continuously kill germs that might be on their hands. Particular germ hotspots around the office include:

  • Door handles around the buildings
  • Reception areas
  • Printers and scanners
  • Kitchen areas
  • Staff seating areas
  • Water coolers

It is therefore important to make hand sanitiser easily accessible near these areas. This will mean that when multiple people are touching these surfaces, there will be a lower risk of spreading germs.

What is the best way to make sanitiser available?

There are many different sizes of hand sanitiser available, for example, Zidac offers a 100ml size for handbags and pockets or a 500ml size with a pump that can be kept next to germ hotspots.

For extra precaution you can also get hands free dispensers, like the stainless steel foot activated dispenser from Zidac. This will ensure that no germs are spread from the handling of sanitiser bottles so is even safer.

Supporting employee wellbeing

Not only will hand sanitiser reduce the risk of infection and increase efficiency, but it will keep employee’s minds at ease as they can quickly clean their hands regularly without disrupting their day. When the workforce feels relaxed in the workplace, they will be more inclined to be productive.

Zidac also advise looking at sanitiser that is kind to skin, for example one that contains Aloe Vera. With many people complaining about the harsh effects that hand washing has had on their skin at the start of lockdown, having something soothing will encourage employees to keep up the required hygiene standards.