Essential times to use hand sanitiser

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Essential times to use hand sanitiser - Zidac

Soap and water is the most effective way to remove all types of germs and chemicals from your hands.
But when this isn’t available, using hand sanitiser is a great way to protect yourself and others from germs.

When should you use hand sanitiser?

Shops and other public places can be a hotspot for germs. Hand sanitiser protects you from picking up germs from items which are handled regularly like shopping baskets.
Public Transport
Handrails, ticket machines and doors on public transport are a hotbed for germs. Make sure to sanitise your hands after touching them.
Restaurants or cafés
Don’t let germs and bacteria ruin a nice outing. Hand sanitiser use before eating helps stop the spread of viruses from contaminated hands.
Before and after visiting a loved one in the hospital
People in hospital are susceptible to viruses. Always use hand sanitiser during a visit to the hospital to protect yourself and those around you.
Common surfaces
Don’t forget surfaces such as door handles in a public place, cash machines and petrol pumps; they’re all home to bacteria.
Gym equipment breeds all kinds of germs and bacteria due to the high footfall. Using hand sanitiser before and after you exercise helps stop the spread of harmful bacteria.
Before and after going to school
Schools can also be one of the key areas for germs and viruses to spread. Use hand sanitiser during the day to help protect yourself from getting sick.